Bookworm, gamer, and wannabe writer when I'm not being a cranky tired auditor who overidentifies with robots. Scratch that I always overidentify with robots.

(aromantic/asexual/cis/white/female; she/her pronouns)

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Name: Bethany

Tumblr Name: Beranyth.  Yes, it was a mishmash modeled off of my real name for a video game.  The fact that it is never taken in anything that requires a name helped it stick.
Nickname(s): None, sadly
Birthday: July 4
Relationship Status: Well on my way to being a crazy cat lady, though I need more cats.

Random fact about you:  … … …Every fact about me is random.  How about EVERY TIME they ask for a random/interesting fact about me in a class I panic and don’t know what to answer :D  
Hobbies/Interests:  History, reading, writing, gaming, thinking way too hard about fictional characters, more writing, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, gender equality, more history, looking at pretty things, pretending I can draw, some tv (read: LOST LOST LOST), staying the hell inside so I don’t get fried like a bug by the sun, and even more writing.

Do you smoke/drink:  Neither; being around cigarette smoke makes it so I can hardly breathe, and while I like a couple little sissy fruity drinks every now and then, drinking isn’t one of my hobbies.
Why Tumblr?:  I had to fangirl SOMEWHERE.  

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