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the chronicles of narnia fancast → Rinko Kikuchi as Jadis, the White Witch

"Don’t you understand?" said the Queen (still speaking to Digory). "I was the Queen. They were all my people. What else were they there for but to do my will?"


I’ve been itching to make a Dwarf Inquisitor concept for the past few days and I finally did it. Also have a pair of goof dwarves freaking out BECAUSE LIGHTNING HANDS.

To sum up my feelings, over the years I’ve seen three main kinds of arguments re: more LGBTIA+ options for Bioware’s LIs:

  • Representation:  VERY GOOD ARGUMENT A+++  There are countless cishet characters and there is no reason in the world to act like you need to fill up some ~quota~ of cishet people for realism when all along media has been unrealistically pretending everyone ever is straight for who knows how long.  The more LGBTIA+ characters the better.  There is no drawback.  Note this would include aro and ace people as well, who also deserve representation.
  • Serving marginalized players: VERY GOOD ARGUMENT A+++  The same white/cis/straight/male audience has been catered to over and over and over giving us the same bland bullshit wrapped in a different package each time, while the rest of us get scraps.  LGBTIA+ people deserve to have the same enjoyment that the target gamer demographic has been privileged to all along.  That includes being able to play out the kind of relationship they’d want instead of being forced into the same mold over and over.  Note that this would not exclude aro or ace people, either, and could include things like celibate romances for asexual/sex-repulsed players, nonromantic sexual relationships that aren’t sneered at for allosexual aromantic players, platonic life partnerships for aro ace players, etc.
  • Availability:  I.e. “everyone should be available to me”  Nope nope nope nope.  Lack of availability is a huge part of the stigma vs. asexual and lesbian women and it makes my skin crawl when I hear arguments about how no one should be sexually or romantically unavailable.  People might just be talking about characters, but it really sucks to have unavailability be a huge part of your identity and hear people talking about that very thing as something awful.  Note that by sourcing the problem as romantic/sexual unavailability, aro and ace characters are by necessity excluded and even villainized.

Again, I haven’t seen any of this stuff this time around because the people I follow are golden, but I’ve seen so much anti-aro and acephobic stuff from the Dragon Age fandom (which, from what I saw, went largely unopposed and uncorrected) since I joined tumblr that I still think it’s worth talking about and keeping in mind.